Translate site using .PO/.MO files

There are two ways to translate your site. You can use the included .PO/.MO files in the lang folder . Or use any translation plugin such as WPML. Theme is compatible with WPML. If you want to use the included pot files, then keep reading the necessary steps to take: 1-Find the […]

Add new Google Font

Theme has over 300+ available fonts already set up for you. But there will always be one font, better than the rest and that, as expected, will not be present. So below you will see how easy it is to add that special font into the list of the available […]

Display all portfolio items in one page

If you do not want to use pagination for your portfolio, but instead want all items displayed in one page. You can do that by editing file the-simple\includes\core\simple_routing.php To access this file you must have a ftp account or cpanel credentials. Because this is not listed in the list of files you […]

How to install a Child Theme

A child theme is a theme that inherits all functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes are used to modify an existing theme in the mos secure way. Because they do not actually edit anything in the parent theme, but all changes are made in […]

Dummy Data import stops before 100%

There are some reasons that can make the import process not successful. Please make sure to check on these settings: -To have the required access on themes files; -Check the execution time limit. Change it on your server if not long enough to let all dummy data import. Especially when […]

Update plugins using only the included in theme version

All the included plugins, have extended licenses. This means they can be used by any one purchasing our theme as long as they use the version included in theme folder. You can not update it on your own terms with this type of licence. The rules of the marketplace don’t […]

Add external pages to a One Page layout

The One page feature is a great way to keep a simple one page site. All the information you want to display is concluded in one page and the menu is used to smoothly scroll thru the different sections of the one page site. This is done by adding only […]

Translating WooCommerce

Woocommerce plugin is translated independent from theme strings. Download the already translated .po file from the manually , first go to and look for your language in the list. Click on the title to go to the section for the language. Export the .mo file to use on […]