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Theme has over 300+ available fonts already set up for you. But there will always be one font, better than the rest and that, as expected, will not be present. So below you will see how easy it is to add that special font into the list of the available fonts. As an example we are using the “Heebo” font. (Font details here).

To add a new font in the list of available google fonts, please follow these simple steps:
1-Go to file: plugins\elle-framework\admin\inc\fields\typography\googlefonts.html
Find this line:
<option data-google="true" value="Herr Von Muellerhoff">Herr Von Muellerhoff</option>
Add this one right after it:
<option data-google="true" value="Heebo">Heebo</option>

2-Go to this file: plugins\elle-framework\admin\inc\fields\typography\googlefonts.php
Find this line:
"Herr Von Muellerhoff":{"variants":[{"id":"400","name":"Normal 400"}],"subsets":[{"id":"latin","name":"Latin"},{"id":"latin-ext","name":"Latin Extended"}]},
Add this line after it:
"Heedo":{"variants":[{"id":"400","name":"Normal 400"}],"subsets":[{"id":"latin","name":"Latin"},{"id":"latin-ext","name":"Latin Extended"}]},
Save changes and refresh the option panel in your theme admin panel. You will see the new font listed in the General Options > Typography Options > Body Font Style > Font Family, right after “Herr Von Muellerhoff” font.
See screenshot:

That’s it! Enjoy your new font 🙂

Let us know in the comments section if you have any question. Or open a ticket into our support forum.

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