Display all portfolio items in one page

If you do not want to use pagination for your portfolio, but instead want all items displayed in one page. You can do that by editing file the-simple\includes\core\simple_routing.php
To access this file you must have a ftp account or cpanel credentials. Because this is not listed in the list of files you get under WordPress dashboard Appearances > Editor.
Find these lines first:

    function simple_set_portfolio_query()
		global $simple_redata;
		$terms = $simple_redata['portfolio_categories'];

		$p_per_page = 6;
			case '1':
				$p_per_page = 3;
			case '2':
				$p_per_page = 6;
			case '3':
				$p_per_page = 9;
			case '4':
				$p_per_page = 12;



code stands for the number of columns you have in your portfolio page. So in case you have 4 columns displaying in your portfolio page, then the line you need to edit is this:
case '4':
$p_per_page = 12;

The $p_per_page assigns the number of portfolio items to display in total in a page with 4 columns. If you change the value 12 to (example) 50, then there will be 50 portfolio items showing in your portfolio page, arranged in 4 columns, after saving changes.

Attention: As this is an edit made directly into one of theme’s core files, if you update theme in the future, it will be overwritten. So we recommend to keep a backup of the changes in order to redo then after.

If you have any question, please comment below, or write at our support.

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