How to install a Child Theme

A child theme is a theme that inherits all functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes are used to modify an existing theme in the mos secure way. Because they do not actually edit anything in the parent theme, but all changes are made in the new child theme. So you won’t have second thoughts when he parent theme update time comes. All you changes will stay intact.

Child theme inherits all features and styles of it’s parent theme and can change them without touching the code of parent theme.
The Simple premium WordPress theme comes with a lot of customization options. However, sometimes you may still need to manually add code to fulfill your site’s needs.
If you add code directly to The Simple theme’s files, then your changes will get overwritten when you update theme. Child theme solves this problem by allowing you to add all your customizations in the child theme and have them secure there. This way when you update the parent theme, all your changes will remain intact.

The Simple has already included a child theme in it’s main zip file that you download from Envato. Just unzip the main file. The folders inside the main folder will be:
-revolution sliders

As any other normal theme, there are two ways to install a child theme.

1-Install from WordPress dashboard:
First zip the the-simple-child folder. Now navigate to Appearance → Themes and click Add New.
Click Upload Theme.
Click Browse and choose the child theme file you just zipped, then click INSTALL NOW.
Once it is installed, click ACTIVATE.

2-Install from FTP:
Using a FTP account, navigate to your wp-content/themes folder in the server.
Upload the the-simple-child folder in it.
Go back to WordPress dashboard → Appearance →Themes, find the child theme and click ACTIVATE.

After installing child theme with success, you can keep customizing it using the panel options just like you wold do with the parent theme.

Please keep in mind that for your child theme to work, you MUST have the parent theme already installed first. Otherwise the child theme will not have a parent theme from where to inherit the main code and features. And result in an “The parent theme is missing. Please install The Simple parent theme” error.

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